2017 Recertification

Updated Sunday August 27, 2017 by Joseph Borowski.

Recertifications for 2017

An important part of being a Referee is to maintain your eligibility through continuing education and maintain your license.  ALL Referees are Required to Recertify ANNUALLY

The 2017 Grade 8 Referee Recertifications Are Posted


>> Go to NJREFS.com to Register for 2017 GRADE 8 Recertifications<<

Grade 8 requires completion and passing of an in class exam this year.  If you do not pass the 2017 Re-Certification exam in class, you will be given an opportunity to pass a separate online exam. You must PASS the either the class or online exam to be certified for the 2017 season. 

The 2017 Grade 9 Referee Online Recertifications Available

The Grade 9 Referees also need to be Recertified.  By now, all Grade 9 referees should have received an email from the state with requirments on how to proceed to register and take the recertification course for 2017.

>> Go to NJREFS.com to Register for GRADE 9 Online Recertifications<<

Please find below some good online sites for sample test questions:




Northern Counties Soccer Association now welcomes Grade 9 Referees to work games this Spring.  However, Grape 9 referees can only handle games as an Assistant Referee.  Anyone interested in working as a NCSA Referee, proceed to their website and following the link to "Becomming a Referee".  Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and I will assist you in the process.