RSA Scholarship

Updated Tuesday April 9, 2019 by RSA.

RSA Scholarship Recipients - Bill Lumis Award
Ramsey Soccer Association each year recognizes the High School Student Athlete(s) who not only have gone through rec program, but whose actions, dedication, leadership and efforts have served as a role model to the younger players in the RSA organization.

For interested candidates, please find an attached file below.  The form needs to be completed and returned to the Ramsey HS Scholarship office. The form also provides an outline of the RSA Scholarship Point System in effect.  Scholarship nominations will not be accepted for candidates who do not achieve at least a minimum of eleven (11) points.  Final recipients will be voted on by the RSA Board.  Best of luck to all candidates.

Below is a listing of RSA award recipients:

2018  Lauren Chamberlin, Margo Poelstra, Kaitlyn McCaskey

2017   Victoria Clinton, Krista McGonigle, DanaWebb 

2016     Brianna Bussiere, Christina Cowie
2015     Greg Argenio, Gabrielle Clinton, Michael Pepper
2014     Michale McGonigle, Thomas Sebastiano, Colin Bussiere, Kristen Webb
2013      Alex Zammitti, Richard Lucanie, Jacqueline Clinton, Scott Bordonaro
2012      Jordan Borowski, Morgan Coonrad, Alex Argenio
2011      Andrew Clinton, Kaitlyn Stober
2010      Troy Coonrad, Kaitlyn Borowski, Robert Emmett, Alexandra Clinton, Justin Lee
2009      Ryan McDermott and Kelsey Stober
2008      Logan Coonrad and Andrew McDermott
2007      Michele Fiori, Tiffany Lee, Daniel Sroczynski
2006      Gabrielle Gordon, David King
2005      Hailey and Dylan Coonrad
2004      Nicole Giunta, Kevin Hanson
2003      Victoria Federico, Philip Withmann
2002      Kelly Sanders, Joshua Wilson
2001      Dara Seidman, Mark Ommerborn
2000      Christine Cortez, Doug Brown
1999      Kaitlyn Bishop, Brad Siembeda
1998      Jessica Lee, Jonathan Rooney
1997      Kelly Lannin, Michael D'Angelo
1996      Brad Goethsus
1991      Hallie Schuffern, Jon Valz
1990      Samantha Mansfield, Scott Silberfein
1989      Jim McEldery
1987      Stephen Hess, Antoinette Tedeschi
1986      Julie Van Dyke
1984      Jack Hergenrother
1983      C. Auleta, C. Tedeschi
1981      Beth Andrews
1980      Tom Zeliff