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Frequently Asked Question

Who can be a Coach? Do I need to have played soccer or be knowledgeable to coach Division 6
NO. Absolutely not. The primary qualification needed to get involved in recreation soccer, especially at the younger levels is a desire to work with children. RSA will provide you with the base “things you need to know” to get started as well as provide Coaches Clinics, etc.
Please don’t be shy. It will be a very rewarding experience for both you and your child.

What equipment do I need for soccer?
Standard Soccer Equipment is as follows:

- Regulation Soccer Shoes
- Shin Guards
- Socks (supplied) Worn OVER the Shin Guards
- Shorts (RSA Color Required)
- Jersey (supplied)

Jewelry of any type is NOT allowed during games. Anyone with earrings must have them removed for games. Eyeglasses should be of a protective nature and accompanied by a sport-strap.


What about when it gets cold in the Fall?
Sweatshirts are allowed under the soccer jersey, sweatpants, long johns and leggings are also allowed under the shorts. PLEASE NOTE: Be careful not to over-dress. Layer clothes so they can be removed as needed.

Are all Ball sizes the same?
No. Division 6 players use a size 3 ball, Division 5 and 4 use a size 4 ball and Division 3 and up use a regulation size 5 soccer ball (the ball size most often used at promotional give-a-ways!)

Can siblings be on the same team?
We recognize the importance of siblings of the same age group to be together. Please when registering, write down that you request your children to be on the same team (or not) and we will comply.

Who is my Coach?
Coaches are solicited from our volunteer sign-up at registration and assigned to teams by the board. Every attempt is made to have the teams be as equal as possible in terms of talent and age. The players are rated and then chosen in a blind draft to avoid teams being “stacked”.

Can I change teams?
Once a player is assigned to a team they must stay on that team unless there is some extreme difficulty.

What is our game schedule?
RSA Boys teams play on Sundays and the Girls teams play on Saturdays. Times are assigned by the league depending on the division. Please consult your coach for a specific team schedule.
All Division 6 games are played in town on Saturdays.

Do we only play Ramsey Teams?
Division 6 is solely an in-town league entirely run by the RSA for children in Ramsey.
Division 5 and up teams play in the Northwest Bergen Soccer Association League (NWBSA). The league is comprised of teams from all our neighboring towns. Ramsey teams are placed in League Brackets and do not compete against each other.

When does the season start and end?
Team practices start in late August and games begin in early September. Games are played each week until mid-November. Typically, practices are 1-2 per week until daylight savings time arrives (when most teams discontinue practicing).

How can the parents help?
RSA welcomes parent volunteers for all sorts of different needs. Listed below are descriptions of our volunteer positions. Please review the list and feel free to get in touch with the contact person. (add info from reg form)

What do I do if I am upset with a coach?
We strive to have all children enjoy their soccer experience. However, in times of conflict, you as parents have many avenues to pursue. Often, a bad time to talk with a coach is immediately after a game or practice. Try to talk to the coach at home on the phone. This enables the coach to focus and listen uninterrupted and for parents to avoid the emotions of the moment. If you have not received a satisfactory answer to your concern, please feel free to contact the division director (see listing).  We promise to get back to you.

Where can I see my teams schedule?
All Division 2-5 NWBSA Schedules can be found in the League Section